The possibilities and prospects of the Forex market (FOREX) are serious and attractive, but many potential investors and traders are scaring off high risks, ambiguous schemes, fraud in this area. In order for the trade in the Forex foreign exchange market to be effective and profitable, you need to have at least initial knowledge and skills in work, be able to use various analysis tools, adhere to a trading strategy and minimalize risks.
The process of trade in the Forex foreign exchange market has several key points and rules. The work is carried out with currency pairs, each transaction has two positions: open and closed. In the initial position, the trader sells (or buys) the currency, closing the deal, he buys (or sells) back. All work comes down to one thing: the analysis of the price trend.
Types and methods of analysis of the currency market, their application in practice
To trade in the Forex international foreign exchange market, you need to be able to correctly analyze the situation on the exchange, and predict the increase or decrease in prices. There are many ways and types of such analysis:
Fundamental analysis. It is based on a detailed analysis of the economic and political situation of the country, with the currency of which you are going to work. It is necessary to study the trends of both currencies from the couple. All news can be found on special portals, such information is provided by Forex-Broker or Dilling Centers.
Using indicators. The traditional way to conduct transactions in a semi -automatic mode, responding to trading signals.
The level of resistance and support. The modern method of market analysis, which is based on the opening of positions during fractions of the resistance and closing lines when reaching the support line, and vice versa.
Trend lines. The analysis is based on the behavior of the price with an upward or descending trend. They also analyze the movement of prices in ascending or descending channels, according to a similar principle. The opening of the position occurs when the price fits away from the border inside the corridor and returns back.
Analysis and market assessment is a choice of a certain trading strategy on the Forex Exchange. It should be followed, not succumbing to minute motives, emotions, and other unprofessional factors. Only work in accordance with the strategy brings results. It is also important to be able to minimize the risks: not to open the position of large volumes, not to risk the whole deposit, and not to make unjustified transactions. ha un elenco dei migliori casinò stranieri non regolamentati dall'ADM, che permettono ai giocatori di giocare più liberamente e di effettuare depositi in criptovaluta!